Whether your clothes need a little tweak to match perfectly your style, they are in need of new buttons, replace a zipper, adjust the size of an outfit, repair or modify hems, or simply breathe in new life to old garments, professional alternations from Marketplace Cleaners can help you improve your clothes in no time.

You can save your used garments from retirement, or extend the lifespan of your favorite outfit a bit longer by applying proper maintenance. We provide custom alterations and have the knowledge to check for details to allow your clothes to look as good as you expect.


Laundry Services

We Have Several Laundry Machines And Presses

With our professional laundering service, your shirts, sheets and other machine-washable garments will receive a top-quality care that ensures the preservation of their quality. We use only the best soaps, special detergents and additives to keep your whites whiter and your clothes’ colors brighter.

The Process

The intricacies of our process and our attention to each stage your garments go through before being given back to you with a fresh, clean, and crisp finishing, will make you see first-hand the difference between commercial laundry and home laundry. We are experts in keeping your garments looking their best!



What Does Professional Clothes Cleaning Involve?

Maybe this will surprise you, but professional clothes cleaning actually involves more than just one process. In reality, a professional cleaner might combine different techniques to achieve that “like-new” finishing to your garments.

After you bring your clothes and drop them off at our counter, our skilled professionals employ different procedures designed to give back your garments to you as good as new, fresh and clean.

The Process

  • We check the labels for fiber content and make sure proper care instructions are followed.
  • Once we know the fabric type, degree of soiling and color, we select the adequate cleaning process for each garment: dry-cleaning, wet cleaning or laundering.
  • All stains or spots are removed using special equipment and adequate removal agents.
  • If necessary and when possible, we reapply any water repellent, sizing or other finishes.
  • By using professional pressing equipment, the garment is restored to its original shape and appearance.
  • If possible and according to plant policy, we might replace missing or damaged buttons and do other minor repairs on the garments we clean.
  • Once the garment is clean, pressed and properly cared for it is wrapped for protection and convenience and left ready for you to pick it up.


However, these basic procedures are only a taste of what a professional cleaner can offer you. Many cleaners offer additional services such as pillow cleaning, smoke removal garment storage, rug cleaning, cleaning of furs and leathers, drapery cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, shirt laundry, and alterations and repairs.


Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns need to be treated with the special care that such a special occasion deserves. It does not matter if you are buying it, borrowing or renting it, that dress would be a precious possession for as long as you have it.  Whatever the case, this symbol of important life-change requires attention, both before the big day and afterward.

Choosing a Dress for The Big Day

A wedding is an event with a lot of planning involved due to the numerous details that need to be taken care off.  However, the dress is no small detail and because of that, most wedding consultants agree that you should start hunting the dress for your big day with at least six months ahead of the date. You may need to make decisions concerning style, fabric type, and accessories, not to mention that if you are going to go with a special-ordered gown, you need to account for manufacturing and shipping time.

Whatever you choose, besides to make sure you look stunning, make sure to ask the salesperson relevant information regarding how to take care of it properly. The materials on which bridal gowns are made today are varied. They can go from satin, organza, taffeta, chiffon, brocade, and lace and are accented with delicate trims such as sequins, seed pearls, beads and others. If you can, get the cleaning information in writing.

Cleaners will certainly value that information and with it, they will be able to give you the service most suitable to your gown’s requirements. For instance, sometimes we find that trim that uses glue instead of being stitched could not stand the dry-cleaning process. Similarly, the solvent used in dry-cleaning can affect other trims, such as pearls and beads. Having adequate information about the proper cleaning considerations for your dress will help you and the cleaner preserve your investment for many years.

On the other hand, if you are wearing an heirloom gown be sure to give plenty of time to do any alterations that may be necessary and for the professional cleaning process. Discoloration is an effect that can affect many fabrics, but a cleaner who understands proper care and restoration of these special garments could help your dress look good as new once more. replica watches

What About After The Wedding?

Once the “I do” part is over, most brides choose to preserve their dresses for posterity, in which case experts recommend it should be professionally cleaned before storage. Proper cleaning before storage is important because any stains or spills from food, beverages, and even body oils can become permanent if they are left unattended.

As stated before, all decorative trims must be checked with attention because they may be susceptible to damage during the dry-cleaning process. In many of the cases where the exposure to the solvent may compromise the integrity of a trim such as glitter, sequins, beads or laces, the trim is separated from the dress or has to be altered in some way to protect it.

In the same order of ideas, in some special cases, a decorative trim may lose its color and no longer match the gown if a dye component is affected during the cleaning process. This is known to happen with ivory or ecru trims, for example, and these discolorations are not due to improper cleaning actions, but in fact are the result of poor colorfastness of the dye.

Instructions for Special Care

The Care Label Rule clearly states that wearing attires, in which bridal gowns are considered, must have a label with information concerning viable care method, covering all components of the dress including decorative trims. If a gown fails to tolerate the care procedure that its label indicated, it should be returned to the retailer for an adjustment.

With that in mind, it is important that when purchasing a gown you check and do your best to understand the recommended cleaning instructions, that way when the time comes to look for a professional cleaning service, you can choose a cleaner with the suitable equipment and expertise to take care of your precious garment.

Proper Wedding Gown Storage

Unluckily, time is a cruel friend and shows no mercy concerning the deterioration of fabrics. However, despite the inexorable effect of time, and the absence of a current process or storage method that could guarantee protection against yellowing and natural fabric decay, there are a few steps and considerations you can follow to extend the lifespan of your beloved garment:

Use a special storage box after your dress is clean to prevent contamination.

You must keep your dress in a cool, dry place away from damp and hot environments. That rules out basements and attics.

For dresses stored on hangers, it is recommended to sew straps on the waistline of the garment to relieve pressure on the shoulders, especially if they are long gowns. Also, it is suggested to cover the dress with a white sheet or a muslin wrapping.

A good way to prevent wrinkles is to have the bodice stuffed with white tissue paper (whether the dress is hung or boxed). In addition, is also a good practice to remove and store separately all pins, perspiration shields, sponge paddings and fabric-covered buttons to protect the fabric from potential damage.

Sometimes, stains and spots take time to become visible. Make sure to check your dress from time to time and if you see a new stain, take it to your cleaning professional as soon as possible.

Your wedding gown is an important tangible memento of your big special day and preserving it with care may be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or to a loved one in the future.

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