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Sy Chakarian

We Recycle Almost Anything

Long before recycling was recognized as a critical step toward preserving our environment, it was practiced by the drycleaning industry. We recycle almost everything- from used cleaning solvent to unclaimed garments! Here are some of the ways drycleaners keep waste to an absolute minimum:

  • Drycleaning Solvent - Drycleaning solvent is readily reused and recycled on-site through distillation, filtration and drying. Sprecial stills and filters remove impurities from used solvent, leaving it crystal-clear and ready to be used again. As garments are dried, solvent vapors are recaptrued and condensed back to liquid from for reuse.
  • Polyethylene Garment Bags And Hangers - Today most drycleaners participate in programs through their supply distributors to recycle polyethylene("poly") garment bags and hangers. Often special recycling bins are provided in the front counter area. It's a good idea for customers to first remove all staples and tags or receipts before returning the bags.